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Flexitallic Ltd has yet again achieved Known Consignor status after meeting the stringent criteria set by the UK's Department of Transport (DfT).

On 1 August 2003, the DfT introduced a new scheme, which removed the responsibility for assessing consigners from regulated agents and airlines. Since 2003, independent validators appointed by the DfT, have taken over responsibility.

To Flexitallic's customers this means even faster turnaround times because consignments can now go from Manchester International Airport, and not Heathrow - this also means costs are reduced further because there is no overnight carriage to Heathrow.  In addition, no further, costly security checks need to be made such as Rasco and Compression chamber appointments.

Said Christine Cooper, Flexitallic’s shipping manager: "This makes our service more efficient and cost-effective for our customers."

Flexitallic had to meet stringent milestones across different areas of operations, as set out by DfT. These included: On-site physical security measures; staff recruitment and reference check procedures; staff security training; access control to the site, strict documentation procedures as well as required written references which are normally expected to go back five years.

Although the Known Consignor Scheme is voluntary and there is no legal requirement for any air cargo to be dispatched from the shipper as SPX (secure), Flexitallic wanted to establish approved Consignor status in order to reduce shipping costs further, as well as cutting lead times to their customers. 

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    SABIC enhances workforce skills with The Academy Of Joint Integrity
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